Enrollment Management


On this page you will find links and mission statements of all the Enrollment Management Departments.

Educational Opportunity Program

To fulfill the mission of San Francisco State, the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is committed to increasing access, academic excellence and retention of California's historically underserved students (low income, first generation college) through its academic support programs, thus working in the spirit and abiding by the legislative intent that originally established the program in 1969 and maintaing the innovation inherent in the program.

Office of Student Financial Aid

The mission of the Office of Student Financial Aid is to provide information about and access to federal, state, institutional and private resources that studenst and parents need to finance education by ensuring quality service to students, parents, the campus community and outside entities in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner. Services and activities are conducted in compliance with federal and state regulatory and institutional policy requirements.

Registrar's Office

The Office of University Registrar strives to provide efficient, accurate user-friendly services that will contribute to the attraction, retention, and graduation of a highly-diverse student body. The office is responsible for the overall management and integrity of student academic records. We are committed to provide all constituents, e.g. students, faculty, university administrators, and interested parties with resources that enable them to accomplish their objectives.

Student Outreach Services

Student Outreach Services (SOS) directs the University's recruitment efforts towards enrolling a student body that meets academic requirements and reflects the broad cultural, ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic characteristics of the San Francisco Bay Area. SOS provides pre-admission advising in individual and group settings to prospective applicants pursuing postsecondary education.

Testing Center

The Testing Center serves University students, faculty and staff by coordinating and administering educationally required tests, to include accurate and timely scoring, recording, reporting, test registration and payment process and test results used for admission (undergraduate and graduate); diagnostic and course placement tests; and tests for credit, certification and graduation requirements.

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions serves applicants, students, parents, high schoool, college and other academic counselors, other Campus offices, the CSU Chancellor's Office and external community stakeholders by making final decisions regarding admission, awarding of transfer credit, graduation, and residency for tuition purposes. Undergraduate admissions strives to maintain the highest possible decision-making integrity while providing complete, accurate, timely, and user-friendly information and customer service. The Office also strives to maintain uninterrupted electronic services and timely user support while contiuning to analyze, recommend, implement and maintain new technology solutions.