Division of Enrollment Management

"We strive to deliver timely, accurate, high quality services that are essential to the academic life of all SF State students."

Mission Statement

Enrollment Management(EM) is responsible for providing outreach, admissions, registration, and financial aid to prospective, new, and continuing San Francisco State University students. We strive to deliver timely, accurate, high quality services that are essential to the academic life of all SF State students. By providing superb service to students, EM contributes significantly to the University's mission of creating and maintaining an environment for learning that promotes respect and appreciation of scholarship, freedom, human diversity, and the cultural mosaic of the City of San Francisco and the Bay Area; promoting excellence in instruction and intellectual accomplishment; and providing broadly accessible higher education for residents of the region and state, as well as the nation and world.

What We Do

To fulfill it's mission, EM follows these operating principles:

  • We strive to provide efficient, accurate, user-friendly services that will contribute to the attraction, retention, and graduation of a highly diverse student body.
  • We work to provide faculty and university administrators with data and services that enable them to accomplish their instructional and management objectives.
  • We create and maintain records systems designed to assure the integrity and security of confidential student academic data, while satisfying all required legal regulations and guidelines.
  • We employ and actively recruit a staff that reflects the diversity of the surrounding community and the values of the campus.
  • We honor the integrity of the individual and treat our clients and each other with respect.
  • We strive to communicate clearly, patiently and politely, whether in writing, in person, by phone or via electronic communication. The messages going out should be consistent, coordinated, and professional.
  • We promote teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration.
  • We appreciate new ideas, and encourage innovation.
  • We are professional in our work relationships and in our actions
  • We apply these operating principles in our daily work relationships and in our actions.